Why is plastic injection molding important in EMS service?

15 October, 2022Posted by Sivaranjith Sivaraman

plastic injection molding service

EMS companies offer more than just PCB design and manufacturing and component procurement. Some EMS firms are capable of molding plastic into desired shapes and sizes for a variety of products. Plastic injection molding is the most upscale method of creating plastic parts that are an excellent addition to the portfolio of an EMS company. Why is this so? Why is plastic injection molding crucial in EMS? Why should OEMs consider EMS, which provides plastic injection molding?

What is plastic injection molding?

It is the process of melting plastic pellets and then forming the plastic parts by injection into a mold of the desired shape and size. The plastic is molded in one piece, so the distribution of the plastic is fine, and the structural strength is incomparable. Regardless of the size and shape of the part to be manufactured, plastic injection molding can use for mass production. In the beginning, this molding was limited to creating small and simple designs, but now it is widely used to produce complex structures and components in one piece.

Plastic injection molding machine: Defines EMS services

Plastic injection molding is a crucial process in the manufacturing of electronic products. Precise alignment of the mold is critical since the mold has to attach to other parts of the device. The mold could be the outer body or an internal component that must perfectly align with the design. Today's OEMs highly depend on EMS service providers to manufacture components. In that case, finding a new molding manufacturer is not viable regarding cost and effort. This is why EMS should include plastic injection molding in their service.

The plastic injection machine heats thermoplastic to melt the pellets and then pours them into the mold cavity. The molten plastic cools down there and solidifies into a new shape of the closed mold. Once the plastic has cooled sufficiently, it is properly removed using ejectors.

Why do OEMs go to EMS for plastic injection molding?

OEMs can use plastic injection molding to create a variety of plastic parts. These parts can include anything from car parts to medical devices to toys. OEMs use plastic injection molding for several reasons. The main reason is that plastic injection molding is a fast way to produce large quantities of plastic parts. OEMs turn to EMS for plastic injection molding when they require a high-quality, dependable, and long-lasting product that suits for mass-production at a reasonable cost. Because it is an industrial process to produce in large volumes, it can be a cost-effective alternative to other manufacturing methods. However, several factors can affect the quality of the final product, including the material you choose and the equipment used during molding. As a result, OEMs must carefully select their plastic injection molding partner to ensure they receive a dependable product that fulfills their exact specifications. However, the geometry of the mold, cooling time, the opaqueness of polymers, and the plastic's color all impact manufacturing speed.

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Benefits of plastic injection molding in EMS services

Plastic injection molding is a cost-effective way of making large, lightweight pieces that lasts longer than traditional materials.

Plastic injection molding is a relatively fast process that could complete in just a few days.

Plastic injection molding creates exceptionally durable and dependable parts built to resist the rigors of outdoor use

and allows for customization: customers can specify exactly what they want their part to look like, right down.

Take away

OEMs need to choose a plastic injection molding partner carefully. When choosing a plastic injection molding partner, it's important to look at the areas where your company will use plastic injection molding the most.

Plastic injection molding is a good option for manufacturers when they need large quantities of plastic parts or custom parts. The process of injection molding is relatively fast and can be completed in a couple of days. The quality of plastic injection molded parts can be affected by many factors, including the type of plastic used, the equipment used during injection, and the temperature of the plastic.

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