Toy Industry

Creating kid-friendly toys

Team Mefron is aware of the significance of developing trustworthy products for kids. Children always have a love for electronic games and toys, so it's crucial to make sure that they are carefully made and won't harm kids at any moment when they're using them.

Good Plastic Usage

We exclusively utilize high-quality plastics that are free of dangerous chemicals at our company. Our plastic is also long-lasting, so our items can survive normal wear and tear.

It is critical to choose plastic materials for electronic products that can endure exposure to high temperatures and humidity. This is especially critical for toys and game stations that will be exposed to moisture and heat.

Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex fabrication

We provide versatility for designing electrical toys by using rigid and flexible circuit boards that come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are adjustable. You can design toys in whatever shape you want, and we can bring them to life with our flexible boards.

Lead-Free Components

To avoid the use of harmful components and to create kid-friendly equipment, we closely comply with RoHS requirements. Lead is a poisonous chemical that can be extremely harmful, particularly to small kids. As a result, it is vital that lead-free components be used in the manufacture of electronic items for children. And our molding devices could produce smooth curves and bodies to avoid any possible harm to children.

Good Plastic Usage

We develop

Electronic systems used in energy and industrial applications are subject to various standards to ensure their safety, reliability, and performance. We are capable of meeting most of these:

Toys in any shape

Gaming stations

Joysticks, Game consoles

Wearable devices

Walkie talkies

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