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Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Custom Craftsmanship : Cable and Wire Harness Assembies For Your Unique Needs

Mefron delivers custom cable and wire harness solutions that power your success. From complex designs to launch-ready prototypes, we bring your ideas to life with precision and reliability.Our experts become an extension of your team, guiding you from vision to a perfectly crafted custom cable and wire harness solution. No matter the complexity, we work directly from your designs, ensuring optimal performance with expert advice on materials, production, and cutting-edge CAD design.

cable & wire harness assembly

Not Sure Where To Head? We Offer Expert Small-Batch Wire Harness & Cable Assembly Services

Are you excited about your product idea but unsure how to bring the wiring and connectivity to life? Let us be your partner in those crucial early stages! We specialize in small-batch wire harness and cable assembly services that transform your concept into a working reality. Whether you need precision cutting, meticulous crimping, perfectly executed soldering, or other assembly steps – we have you covered. Our unwavering commitment to quality control means you can test and refine your design with confidence, knowing your wiring is built to the highest standards. Ready to see your idea take shape. Contact Mefron today!

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Prototype Development

Prototype Development

Creating initial models for testing and refinement.

Connector Tooling

Designing and building custom tools for specialized connectors.

Wire Leads and Sets

Wire Leads and Sets

Cutting, stripping, and preparing individual wires or pre-assembled sets.

Automated Wire Processing

Using specialized machines for efficiency and precision in wire cutting, stripping, and termination.

Assembly Packaging

Assembly Packaging

Organizing and bundling wires according to the design, using various bundling and protection methods.

Printing of Heat Shrink

Creating custom labeling or protective sleeves.

Sonic Welding

Using ultrasonic energy to join or seal components within the harness.

Custom Wire Harness Assembly Boards

Utilizing workbenches with diagrams for guided, accurate assembly.



Integrating the harness into the final product or system.


Rigorous electrical and functional testing under real-world or simulated conditions.

Other Specialized Cable Assembly Services

Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Our advanced overmolded cable assemblies offer superior insulation and strain relief catering to a wide array of applications with a focus on customization we excel in tailoring designs to meet unique requirements offering a variety of circuit sizes and cable lengths our meticulous process involves enveloping cable junctions with robust materials guaranteeing prolonged cable lifespan and mitigating potential damage from conceptualization to rigorous testing we uphold unwavering reliability across industrial automotive and medical sectors.

Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies

Need a connection solution that's as precise as it is adaptable? Look no further than Mefron's custom flat flexible cable assemblies. Our engineers collaborate closely with you to translate your specific requirements into meticulously designed cables, using only the highest-quality materials. Mefron's team of experts walks alongside you every step of the way, from hashing out your initial concept to guaranteeing flawless production. Whether you're in consumer electronics, automotive, or any other industry, Mefron builds reliable, tailor-made connections that elevate device performance and guarantee dependable functionality.

Electromechanical Cable Assemblies

Mefron's electromechanical cable assemblies empower dynamic applications with precision-engineered connectivity. We ensure optimal performance and reliability using top-quality components and adhering to stringent international safety standards.


It's a meticulously organized bundle of electrical wires, connectors, and sometimes even sub-assemblies, working together to transmit electrical signals and power throughout a device.

A cable harness is a bunch of electrical wires, sometimes pre-assembled sections, all bundled together. They carry electrical power or signals throughout a device and are held secure using things like conduit, tape, or special coverings.

A cable assembly and a wire harness assembly both serve the purpose of organizing and protecting electrical wires. However, they differ in their level of complexity and primary function. A wire harness assembly typically bundles multiple wires together using cable ties or other fastening methods. This organization simplifies handling and installation within a system. In contrast, a cable assembly encases multiple wires within a robust outer sheath or jacket. This protective shell safeguards the wires from environmental hazards and physical stress, making them suitable for harsher operating conditions.

Wire and cable harness assemblies are crucial in a wide range of industries. They connect electrical components in cars, manage complex aircraft wiring, power life-critical medical devices, organize internal wiring for consumer electronics like your appliances and computers, and even control the various components within industrial machinery.

Our wire and harness assembly lead time usually spans from one day to one week; however, this timeline may fluctuate based on your design's complexity, part availability, and shipping destination. For the most precise estimation, discuss your project particulars with our team– we'll carefully evaluate all variables to furnish an accurate timeframe.

Some frustrating "intermittent" problems often stem from connection point issues. Crimps that are too loose or too tight can cause insecure connections or damage the wire itself. Improper soldering can also lead to intermittent faults. Leftover flux residue from soldering can corrode the wire over time, causing a hidden break. Alternatively, a "cold solder joint" created with insufficient heat creates a weak connection from the start. Beyond connection points, other possibilities include slightly bent connector pins, damaged insulation leading to intermittent shorts, or even worn components within a connector.

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