Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider in India

Electronic Manufacturing Services

We serve Original Electronic Manufacturers (OEMs) with comprehensive electronic manufacturing services that bring their concepts and ideas to life. Our Ahmedabad facility is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology to help electronic manufacturers meet their goals of producing high-quality products while adhering to industry regulations. Mefron's production line can deliver a variety of electronic products for various industries with a minimum turnaround time and the highest quality.

Most modern equipment, such as pick-and-place machines, SMT lines, wire harness techniques, high-accuracy paste printers, RoHS process-approved reflow, and an in-house IR-based BGA rework station, enable us to produce products of any complexity at flexible volumes.

Why Mefron Technologies?

Production Optimization. Seamless Transition. Value Engineering

Electronic Manufacturing Services Flow

We are an end-to-end electronic manufacturing service provider that covers all the manufacturing requirements of OEMs across a range of industries. Our manufacturing process expertise spans the entire spectrum of electronic manufacturing services and OEM requirements. We engage with OEMs and designers in planning the right production and testing processes that meet strict compliance and quality standards.

Our facility offers comprehensive turnkey manufacturing solutions to global players, including rapid prototyping assistance, pre-production through mass production, post-sale repair services, supply chain management, procurement, and sourcing services. We provide our customers with cost-effective, high-end, low-to-medium-volume, and complex production solutions.

Our Capabilities of EMS

Pillars Of Our Services

Quality EMS

Quality EMS

WeHigh-quality components and manufacturing techniques are used to enable OEMs to fulfill Industry 4.0 demands. To maintain transparency, fabrication and testing are planned with OEMs to guarantee the quality of each product.



Once committed, our experts ensure that the production process is quickly configured and that products are manufactured on schedule and without compromising quality. Our global supply chain ensures on-time delivery.



With leading expertise and cutting-edge machinery and tools, we could constantly ensure high-quality product delivery. Our testing approach promotes high-quality product delivery and strengthens OEM-customer relationships by building confidence in their products.



Quality at a reasonable price is our motto since its inception. We are dedicated to serving industries by offering consumers high-quality technology at a fair price.

Electronic Manufacturing Services Mefron Offers

PCB assembly

Plastic Injection molding

Prototypes within 24-48 Hours

Industrial painting

EPE foam manufacturing


Box building

USB converters

Placement Capability

Conformal Coating & Epoxy Potting

Through Hole PCB Assembly

Single & Double Side SMT Placement

Single side SMT & through Hole Mix

High-Mix and Low-Medium Volume

BGA Rework

Fine Pitch (0201 and 01005)

Production under Quality Control

Kan-Ban order Process handling

Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant, and Non-RoHS Processes

A well-managed system, Both Turnkey & Consigned

Single-side SMT Placement and Double side through

Double Side SMT Placement and Through Hole

Glass BGA, PBGA (Pitch Ball Grid Array), FBGA (Fine Ball Grid Array), Micro-BGA, CSP, Ultra-fine pitch QFP, and QFN

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