Internet of things (IoT) Industry

Mefron lets you take your first steps into the world of connectivity.

The world around us is becoming more connected with smart devices and sensors. IoT technology is trending everywhere, whether it is personal or commercial devices because it is the need of the time to be connected. So why the wait? We have the technology and expertise to support you in developing IoT devices for your customers. We upgraded your product list with some of the best smart devices you could have.

We are a one-stop solution that can help you with New Product Introductions (NPI). Our electronic manufacturing services cover the entire IoT product development cycle, from design to prototyping to mass production.

Internet of things

We help you in achieving:

New Product Introduction

Mefron is a one-stop solution provider covering the entire electronic manufacturing spectrum. You just need to give your concepts to us, and we will realize them with our advanced technological machinery and expertise. We can cover designing, assembling, testing, molding plastic parts & outer bodies, and supply chain management.

Achieving IP ratings

IP ratings are a must for personal electronic devices. We help OEMs introduce products with sweatproof, water-resistant, shockproof, and dustproof devices. Consumers now prefer IP-rated devices for seamless use, and we offer them in a few steps with high quality.

Guarantee/warranty achievements

We perform rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that every IoT product we manufacture meets our client's expectations and industry standards. This will help you ensure the guaranteed warranty offering for your customers.

Enclosure manufacturing

It is not just about the PCB assembly; we also work on the entire product design process from conception to launch, where enclosure fabrication is an important process. With our in-house plastic injection molding machine and a 3D printer, we are able to mass-produce smooth enclosures.

Rigid, flex, rigid-flex assembly

To satisfy the space constraints and flexibility of wearable devices and sensor assemblies, we offer a variety of PCB assembly services. The combination of flex and rigid-flex PCBs can achieve the flexibility needed for compact devices.

Devices Mefron fabricates

IoT fitness tracker



Security devices

Proximity sensors


Smart meters

Audio devices and equipment

Smart lighting

Communication modules

Smart home controllers and sensors

Customized sensors

We fabricate IoT devices for

Industrial IoT

smart city project

Consumer electronics




Wearable device

Smart homes

Industry 4.0

Transportation and logistics

Gaming and entertainment

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