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Stick and insulate your electronics with our silicon tape

DST Silicone Tapes offer all the advantages of our silicone rubber in a simple-to-apply pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with options for aggressive, high- and low-temperature silicone adhesive or aggressive, strong anchoring acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side.

Mefron Technologies is one of the nation's top manufacturers of Silicone tape and offers all services related to DST Silicone tape work.


Pressure resistant to 15 bar

Heat resistant up to 260°C

Insulating up to 8000 Volts

Permanently airtight and liquid-proof

Instant vulcanization – even under water.

Leaves behind no glue remain

silicon tape


Provided in
roll form

Our foam tapes eliminate the need for die-cutting and conform to irregular shapes while being repositionable. They offer a convenient solution for various applications.

Strong adhesive

When considering adhesives, the bonding surface is a critical factor, and these silicone adhesive tapes effectively wet out to LSE plastics; adhesive options include silicone, acrylic, and PET-reinforced acrylic.


DST Silicone tapes outperform all other elastomer tapes in service of life, weather ability, compression set resistance, and electrical resistivity in extreme temperature applications.

Wide range
of options

These pressure-sensitive silicone tapes come in a range of widths and thicknesses and are used for applications such as gaskets, padding, thermal insulation, and vibration dampening.

Why DST silicone tape

DST silicone tape meets the highest specifications and can be used as insulation, sealing, or repair tape under varying conditions.

Can apply in poor conditions, where preparation is difficult because it bonds by itself. The surface, therefore, does not necessarily have to be cleaned and dried.

Remains flexible and resists petroleum (gasoline), oil, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt, and UV light. Available in black or transparent, depending on the application.


DST Silicone Tape is ideally suited for: repairing leaking hoses, sealing pipes and fittings, insulating electrical wires, corrosion protection, sealing connectors and fittings, protecting rigging and rope ends, marking lines and chains, and giving anti-slip qualities to handles and tools.

By stretching the DST silicone tape and tightly (half overlapping) wrapping it on top of itself, a permanent bond forms almost immediately.

Our tapes offer:

The following aspects influence the quality of our products and their applicability across industries. We are proud to meet the industry's established standards by ensuring that all important parameters are followed


This property indicates how quickly the DST silicone tape will begin to connect with the substrate and is frequently measured with a ball test.


The adhesive tape's and the substrate's bonding power. It demonstrates the tape's surface adhesion, which is frequently expressed in terms of steel adhesion.

Tensile Strength

Maximum load a tape can withstand and determines the strength necessary to break the tape.

Holding Power​

It reflects the possibility that the tape and its substrate will bond together. It provides a length of time the tape will stay attached to the surface, usually measured in minutes.

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