Automotive Industry

Turning wheels towards better connectivity & automation in Vehicles.

Like other industries, the automotive industry is rapidly evolving toward digitalization, connectivity enhancement, and automation. Mefron focuses on both manufacturing in-vehicle electronic parts and automating production processes.

At Mefron Technologies, we combine the need for reliability, short lead times, competitive costs, and specialist requirements to provide first-class electronics manufacturing services to automotive companies. Furthermore, we provide the best EMS Service to our clients, including the design, engineering, and prototyping of new products in accordance with automotive compliance standards.

Our approach

To meet industry demand, we have modified our automotive electronic manufacturing services, producing anything from customized cable assemblies and custom-made wire harnesses to PCB prototypes, a PCB assembly line, and electronic module sub-assemblies. We collaborate with suppliers of tier-one automotive contractors to help with component selection and with the best solution to guarantee that their products live up to the high-performance standards anticipated by manufacturers in this industry.

connectivity and automation

Quality assurance:

Quality assurance is paramount for us in ensuring the delivery of reliable and robust products for the automotive industry. Following the standards and strict testing methods allows us to maintain a quality that exceeds client expectations. We help clients with the PPAP (production part approval process) and register all parts on the IMDS. We only produce electronics to the highest quality levels and IPC-A-610 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards of craftsmanship (international material data system).

Supplier Evaluation and Selection

We are aware that the lifecycle of electronic products can be complex and require careful management. To help you improve the lifecycle of your product from design to end-of-life, we provide a variety of lifecycle management services. To help you in managing the whole lifecycle of your product, we offer product testing, repair and refurbishing, end-of-life management, and disposal services.

Testing for ruggedness

We perform various environmental tests and functionality tests, to verify that the components work as intended under all foreseeable circumstances. To ensure their performance under various conditions, including temperature, humidity, and vibration, we test our goods under rigorous environmental conditions. This also includes a thermal shock test that validates a circuit's functionality while it travels through various temperature zones. While functional testing verifies that our products adhere to the necessary standards and specifications.

Standards we follow


ISO/TS 16949

Automotive Quality Management System Standard



Stress Test Qualification for Integrated Circuits



Rework, Modification, and Repair of Electronic Assemblies



Standard for failure test qualifications for ICs



Identifies failure test qualifications for discrete semiconductors



Includes failure test qualifications for discrete optoelectronic semiconductors



Defines failure test qualifications for discrete optoelectronic semiconductors



Defines failure test qualifications for passive components



Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, Lead-free components



Ensures the reliability of circuit boards under harsh conditions like intense vibration, high pressure, and temperature

We extend our service to manufacture

Battery Monitoring System

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Dashboard Infotainment

Vehicle tracking system

Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS)

Transmission controls

Running lights

Comfort control units

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