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Mefron offers unique and comprehensive design and technical solutions. Our skilled team works directly with you to understand your requirements and provide custom-tailored solutions and devices to fulfill your unique requirements.

We possess superior design and engineering services that go well beyond your expectations, with a focus on quality, precision, manufacturability, and efficiency. Whether you need product design, mechanical engineering, or any other related service, we have the experience and resources to help you succeed.

Our Specialities

IT-Based, Paperless Standard operating procedure and it is a live process

eData-based, secure, cost-effective, Paperless document system

Complete process control through the intranet.

Inline process onward movement and feedback system

Support PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effective Analysis)

Rapid Prototyping/DFMEA

Support PPAP (Pre-Production Approval Process)

Integration of Electronic Design

Hardware Schematic Design

Hardware Part Selection

Embedded Software Development

ECAD- PCB Design

Rapid Prototyping/DFMEA

Regulatory Compliance verification

Signal Integrity & Measurements

Testing & Certification

Integration of Mechanical Design

(Plastic & Metal Enclosures, Components)

Rapid Prototyping

Market Research & Set a Standard

Consider Concept Revision

Consider Concept latest Technology revolution

Detailed Mechanical Engineering

Design For Manufacturability and Design For Reliability (DFx)

Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (DFMEA)

Design Verification and Validation

Tool Development

Environmental and Endurance Testing Support

Front End Manufacturing Support

Product Handover

Our Qualities


PCB Layout and Schematic Capture:

Our team is skilled in the latest PCB Assembly tools and can provide high-quality, accurate, and reliable circuit board layouts. From schematic capture to PCB layout design, we provide a complete solution for all your PCB design needs.


Reverse Engineering:

If you need to change an existing PCB design or reproduce a PCB design, our team can help you. We offer reverse engineering services to assist you in updating or improving your design or creating an altogether new design based on an existing product in case you lost the product design.


PCB Stack-Up Design:

We work with you to create the ideal stack-up arrangement that meets your size, shape, and signal integrity requirements. We understand the significance of a well-designed stack-up in today's digital environment, so we assembled a team with extensive experience designing for every requirement you may have.


Signal Integrity Services:

We focus on designs that ensure the integrity of electrical signals transmitting through a circuit board. According to each design and application, we check to reduce noise, crosstalk, and signal failure. Our team can assist you in optimizing your PCB design for optimal signal integrity.


Value Engineering:

We understand that cost is a critical factor in any PCB design project. That's why we offer value engineering services to help you reduce costs while maintaining the highest level of quality and performance. Our value engineering services can help you find cost-effective solutions for your PCB design needs.


Hardware Design:

A successful product is built on good hardware design. That is why we work closely with our clients to ensure that their hardware design complies with current technology developments. We start with a thorough understanding of your needs and an analysis of your current hardware design. Our hardware design services include schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB design, prototyping, and EMS Manufacturing assistance. Our staff has extensive experience in a wide range of applications, including digital, analog, and power electronics.


Software Integration:

Our software integration services ensure that your hardware and software components perform in tandem. We use cutting-edge development methods to develop software that is robust, scalable, and user-friendly. We provide comprehensive services such as custom software integration, mobile app integration, online application integration, cloud integration, and maintenance and support.


Design Analysis:

We offer FEA, thermal analysis, and stress analysis as part of our design analysis services. We use innovative simulation techniques to improve the functionality and design of your product and identify any problems before they occur in actual production. We inspect each product to guarantee that it complies with the latest trends and standards.


Testing Services:

Our testing services ensure that your products are reliable and up to the highest quality standards. Functional testing, environmental testing, and compliance testing are just a few of the testing services we provide.


Product Life-Cycle Management:

It is what makes us keep our commitment to providing complex products with high precision and on time. Our product life cycle management covers conceptual design, detailed design, manufacturing, testing, and to the deployment of the board to the product.

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