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Move towards Industry 4.0 with our Rugged and Durable electronic assembly

Industry 4.0 is right around the corner, and the power and energy industries are leveraging it for automating and speeding up the process. All new sets of electronic equipment are required to raise productivity, improve the connectivity of the manufacturing facility, and automate the process. We know the need for precision and automation in the fast-paced world to stand out in energy production. Whether it's automation robots, controller parts, switches, or alarms, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality electronic components and systems that meet industry standards and provide cutting-edge technology to prepare you for Industry 4.0.

electronic assembly

We have expertise in manufacturing

Power supply units

Energy control systems

Solar installation


High-power electronics support

High-power PCB design expertise

Power distribution and management

Custom cables and harnesses for high-power applications

Electronic switch gears

Industrial drives & inverters

Industrial smart meters

Temperature sensors

Radio communication systems

Radar systems

Electronic smart labels

Industrial lighting systems


Resistance meters

Safety switches

Sensors, counters

Electronic test & measurement equipment

Standards and Certifications

Electronic systems used in energy and industrial applications are subject to various standards to ensure their safety, reliability, and performance. We are capable of meeting most of these



It includes the techniques for testing and evaluating electronic devices under a variety of environmental circumstances that they can encounter during harsh operations.



It guarantees that your electrical device is protected from ice formation, corrosion, wind-blown dust, rain, and hose-directed water.


ATEX Directive

An EU directive sets the specifications for electronic equipment used in potentially explosive environments.


UL 508

Set standards for devices used for control, such as switch gears, motor controllers, and PLC controllers. It governs fire safety, electric shock prevention, and electric safety.


IEEE 1613

For communications networking equipment at electric power substations, it discusses the testing and environmental standards.


IEC 60529

This is an international standard that defines the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electronic equipment against external factors such as water and dust. It is commonly referred to as the IP Code. We help you in acquiring IP ratings, which show how well-protected an electronic device is against both dust infiltration and low-pressure water jets coming from any direction.

Preparing You for Industry 4.0

We assist our clients in embracing the most recent Industry 4.0 developments. Mefron provides a variety of cutting-edge solutions to boost productivity, automate processes, cut costs, and increase product quality. To accomplish your goals and stay ahead of the competition, we assist in implementing digitalization, automation, and process monitoring.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solution

Network of smart connected devices designed to gather and exchange data to accomplish specific tasks. We design smart tools that help businesses use machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Automating Production

One of the most essential components of succeeding in the power industry is automating the production line. We are well aware of that and have made automation a key focus of our EMS solution. Mefron aids in enhancing the effectiveness and quality of manufacturing through automation, robotics, and instrumentation. We design and implement unique electrical solutions, controllers, safety systems, controller cards, and more to assist you in automating your manufacturing processes.

Transducer Electronics

We specialize in manufacturing premium transducers and sensor systems, including pressure sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors, position sensors, and optical sensor devices, that are made to fit into various kinds of machinery.

Customized solution

We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. This involves a comprehensive analysis of the application, including the operating environment, performance requirements, and any regulatory or compliance standards that need to be met. Our solutions are customized to meet specific requirements for ruggedness, durability, and compliance with safety regulations, among other factors.

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