Industrial Painting

Manufacture your Well-Finished Product with Even Painting.

The current product demand necessitates continuous innovation, distinctive presentations, and quality. Each component is significant, and painting is the finishing touch that enhances the product's appeal and marketing.

Mefron Technologies has a facility for industrial painting and assembly that can meet your demands for finishing. We provide services for wet painting, silk screening, and sandblasting. Our workforce is dedicated to providing top-notch service from beginning to end, never skipping the final touches.

Services We Provide

Wet Painting Services

Wet painting can be accommodated on our automated powder coat line to satisfy different product requirements. We can easily paint metal or plastic components with water- or solvent-based paints and force them to air dry at low to moderate temperatures.

An open-ended wet paint spray booth and batch oven are also available for low-volume or prototype projects.

Wet painting is the conventional way of coating a surface with liquid paint. The surface of the material is prepared using sandblasting, chemical cleaning, or a combination of the two. Then, a consistent layer of wet paint with a thickness of between 15 and 20 microns is applied. Paint is applied in consistent layers (or coats) until the desired thickness is achieved.

Silk Screening

On a range of products, including mouse pads, bumper stickers, heat transfers, shower curtains, binder covers, furniture, and sporting goods, to name a few, logos and graphics can be printed using silk-screen printing technology.

Lead times are shortened by Mefron Technologies' comprehensive graphic capabilities and the ease of silk screening. For difficult forms, sizes, and surfaces, we may create specialized fittings and screen frames. To best meet your needs, Mefron Technologies offers unique and various colors for indoor and outdoor applications.

Silkscreen printing is a wet painting procedure that can be used to adorn flat or cylinder-shaped pieces of plastic, glass, metal, or wood. By pressing ink through an image "burned" onto a screen, images are transferred directly to the component. At Mefron, multicolor images are realizable with both flat and cylindrical screen printing, which requires a separate pass for each color.

When a project requires a huge image to be printed on a flat surface or a large or two-sided image to be printed on a cylindrical component, screen printing is not only the most cost-effective method, but it also produces the best results. Mefron Technologies offers conventional silk screen printing ink and UV silk screen printing ink, depending on the needs of the project.


Powder Coated




Stainless Steel






Sandblasting Services

Sandblast cleaning is available for auto parts, agricultural and industrial equipment, marine parts, and other small to large ferrous and non-ferrous components in preparation for a powder coat or wet paint finish.

A customized blast pot is included for particular applications and unique needs.










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